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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A few weeks ago I took a one day trip to Osaka. I think I spent more time on the bus than I did in Osaka, but it was still nice to see a different city. Osaka doesn't have many cultural spots like Kyoto does, so instead I checked places that I was interested in seeing. I started with the Osaka Aquarium which is famous for it's whale shark. It looks more like a shark, but it was neat to see. The aquarium had a neat set up. The main tank was in the middle and then you start at the top and walk around, slowly going down to the bottom of the tank. While walking around the main tank you I was able to check out other smaller tanks on the opposite side. The aquarium featured creatures that live in "the ring of fire"; basically from the southern tip of west side of south america, up to Alaska, around Japan and then down to Australia.
After the aquarium I walked to the Suntory Museum, which is right next door. I viewed a Toulouse Lautrec exhibit. I remember seeing his exhibit a few years ago in Vancouver (remember Dad?) but I thought it would be nice to see again.
After the exhibit I went to see the castle. The castle was quite beautiful. Mostly I was taken by how shiny the gold was on the sides. It looks as if someone comes and shines it everyday. There were many tourists there and school kids aswell. It was a beautiful day, so lots of group pictures being taken. I didn't go inside because I was more interested in just sitting and enjoying the scenery and after being in few already, they are starting to look alike. Also the view from the top would just be city skyline.
After the castle, I headed to a temple but got lost in all the traffic and at that point I was tired of wandering, so I headed back to Osaka train station and then got lost there. I some how managed to find the spot where the bus was going to pick me up and I still had some time to kill. After having a juice and cookie at starbucks (i know I'm the only person who doesn't order a coffee when they go to starbucks, I go for the cookies) I headed back to the bus and back to Nagoya.
It was a nice to spend the day in a different city, but i've heard that Osaka is known for it's nightlife so I will have to head back sometime to check that out. I will be heading back there in December because my flight to Bali is leaving from Kansai Airport in Osaka, maybe I can check it out then.

Note: The strange looking building with the christmas tree on it is the aquarium.


  • Lovely pics!! Unfortunately when I was in Oksaka the weather was yucky and the little kids we were with were very impatient so I didn't get to look around much. When you go back you should check out Dotonbori. Its a great little street(maybe not little) with the famous HUGE lit-up Glico man sign and the Kani Doraku restaurany, it has a HUGH mechanized crap as it's billboard!

    I am so glad you are having the opportunity to do lots of traveling. I am trying to convince Stef that when the kids are older we should move to Japan for a year or two. One can dream!

    Hope you are well. I'm taking x'mas pics of the buys this weekend so I'll send one out with your x'mas card!!

    By Blogger Lauren, at 12:16 PM  

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