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Thursday, March 08, 2007


This is a picture of the hill where I went snowboarding for the first time. This was at the end of a warm sunny day, so a bit of snow has melted but it wasn't the most impressive place at the start of the day. This is in Gifu which was about a 2.5-3 hour bus ride from Nagoya.

My day started at 5:30am when I woke up and then took a train to Nagoya with a friend and my boss. We met up with some other teachers and hopped on a bus. The first place we stopped at looked great and it looked like we were in for a great day, but it wasn't our stop. The next place was just as nice, but that wasn't our stop either. Then we got to our hill and we all had a good laugh at the sight of our location. Anyways, once I got the board and boots we headed for the chair lift, which was quite challenging for me. I fell trying to get on and off it the first time! The first little bit of snowboarding was hard to get used to and i kept falling every couple seconds, but then i was given some good pointers and i was on my way. I made it for a good junk and then my first big bail happened. But I got back up, which surprisingly was the most frustrating part of the day, and I kept going.

I had fun and look forward to trying it again. I doubt I will have another chance here, at least for this season, so next time in Alberta or BC I'm up for it.


  • Oh man, that looks brutal.

    Kinda like switzerland this winter.

    By Blogger kent, at 7:26 AM  

  • hehehe i like how you said you "made it for a good junk" haha

    By Blogger Kelso, at 12:25 PM  

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