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Sunday, January 13, 2008


After spending a few days in Kuta I decided that it was time to see something different and take a break from all the craziness in Kuta. I went to Lembogan island for a couple nights. The shuttle bus and the ferry tickets together cost $10 and once I arrived on the island I was taken to beach front bungalows. The price per night was more expensive than in Kuta but well worth the extra $3. I was in a bungalow with an ocean view, a huge clean bed and maybe 20m away from the beach. It was a lot quieter on Lembogan, which was really nice. After I settled into my place I went the the beach and layed in the sun for a bit and then went swimming. After that I sat a restaurant while having a coke and reading my book and enjoying the sunset. After the sunset I cleaned up and went to find a restaurant for diner. I had a delicious curry and rice dish. After diner I walked along the beach back to my place and did some more reading until the power went out. The rain was setting in along with thunder and lightening storm. The next morning the rain was gone and after breakfast in front of the beach I went snorkeling. I ended up going with an older Dutch woman. The snorkeling was really beautiful and after that our boat driver took us to another beach on the island where we could have lunch and enjoy the beach for 2 hours. Unfortunatly after that the rain set in. When the weather is bad there isn't much to do, especially on Lembogan. I think I spent the rest of the evening reading. Actually, after spending too much time indoors I went to a restaurant for dessert and tea and I met some other travellers on Lembogan. Two of the people were studying in Japan and two other were from Vancouver Island, so it was kind of weird to meet 2 different sets of people whom i had that common ground with.
The next morning I left to catch a boat back to Kuta. Once we arrived on Bali the rain set in and it was a torrential downpour that took about 4 days to finally stop.


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