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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bali pt.1

Over the Christmas holiday 2007 I spent 10days in Bali, Indonesia. I was nervous about going on the trip because I went alone. As luck would have it, I met a guy on the plane from White Rock and he also lives 30min away from me in Japan. He had been to Bali before so it he was helpful in showing me around. Anyways, once I got to Kuta I had to search around for a place to stay. I went to the guesthouse that Kelsey had suggested to me, however they were asking more than she told me so I kept looking. Two doors down I found a place for $5 a night. It looked quite nice from the outside (the picture with the pool), however the inside, espcially the bathroom, was another story. I had to borrow the green mosquito (in the picture) from Todd, the guy from the plane, because I was eaten alive my first night. The hotel wasn't the nicest but I went to Bali for the beaches not the hotel rooms, so it was ok with me. Also, there was a free breakfast in the mornings. On my first day I went to Kuta Beach and rented a surfboard. I had tried surfing in Japan before but I was never very successful because I was using a shortboard and it was hard for me to stand up as a beginner. I tried a bigger board in Bali my first day but I was still unsuccessful, so the next day I took a lesson with an instructor and a proper longboard and had success within the first few waves. After being at the beach for a few hours I wandered the streets back to my place. Along the way I was called darling by men and women hoping that I would come and buy something from them. The constant "hello darling, good price for you" was a little annoying but i later figured out that they weren't so bad if you finally took a look in their shops, however some would follow me around as if i was about to steal something. Kuta has a lot of energy and activity however I wanted to escape that for more peaceful surroundings. So I went to Lembogdan be continued


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