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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chunichi Dragons

Last Sunday I had the good fortune to attend my first professional baseball game in Japan, possibly first professional game ever. I think the only game I've gone to that wasn't mine or my brother's was the Vancouver team. Anyways, this lived up to and exceeded what I was expecting. The stadium wasn't full but there was a lot of people there and they were all dedicated fans. Almost everyone was wearing some sort of Dragons paraphernalia or carrying something with the teams logo. This team is probably so well supported now in the pre-season because they were the 2007 Japan Series champions. They lived up to their hype as they won this game 2-0. Their official name is the Chunichi Dragons and their home field is the Nagoya Dome in Nagoya.

Fun Fact: The Dragons was the team featured in the Tom Selleck smash hit "Mr. Baseball." Also, part of Mr. Baseball was filmed in Okazaki, so I will definitely be watching that again when I come home. I've mentioned the movie to some Japanese people and they've never heard of it, but maybe that's because it's a 90s movie starring Tom Selleck.

I went with 2 girls from work (left to right: Heather, Milla and myself).


  • Haha..."smash hit" indeed.

    You should hold a screening of Mr. Baseball sometime. Tell them, "What we know about Japanese culture comes from this movie."

    By Blogger kent, at 2:17 AM  

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